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TRP Season 2 Endless Release Schedule
27 (M 08/20/18) QFA: The Quest For Answers Featuring Dr. Events (P2)
28 (M 08/27/18) What is Your Relationships With Introverts or Extroverts?
29 (T 09/04/18) Do You Define Yourself By Your Horoscope Or Do You Define Your Horoscope?
30 (M 09/10/18) What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me. Don’t Hurt Me. No More.
31 (M 09/17/18) Is It Appropriate To Stay Friends With Your Exes Friends?

The Single Life Schedule
Final Chapter (Before Series Change) : Same Woman, Three Dates  (7/7/2018): Three Plus Three Equals Zero (P)

*Episode Release Dates are Subject to Change