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TRP Season 2 Endless Release Schedule
19 (M 06/25/18): What Is Your Take On These Relationship Clichés?
20 (M 07/02/18): Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?
21 (M 07/09/18): What Relationship Topics Should All Couples Discuss?
22 (M 07/16/18) Is Micro-Cheating A Form of Infidelity?
23 (M 07/23/18) Can You Have A Successful And Healthy Relationship Without Trust?

The Single Life Schedule
Date 11/12/13: Same Woman, Three Dates  (7/7/2018): Three Plus Three Equals Zero (P)
Date 14: St. Paddy’s Brunch Sobriety (TBD) (P)
Date 15, Countdown Series (7): Cop out or Cough out, A Last Minute Date (TBD)  (P)
Date 16: Countdown Series (6); Leaving the Virtual Booty  (P)

*Episode Release Dates are Subject to Change