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TRP Season 2 Endless Release Schedule
33 (M 10/01/18): Relationships With A Filmmaker: Cold-Blooded For Cold Pressed
34 (M 10/08/18): Do Any Of You Find Having Sex Is A Chore Now?
35 (M 10/15/18): Is Our Relationship With Perfection A Futile Flaw?
36 (M 10/22/18): How Do You Deal With Indecisiveness In A Relationship?
37 (M 10/29/18): Do You Believe In Gary Chapman’s Theory There Are 5 Love Languages?
38 (M 11/05/18): Relationships: Dating People With Disabilities And The Challenges
39 (M 11/12/18): Tips On Having Effective Non-Sexual Work Relationships With Coworkers?
40 (M 11/19/18): Why Is There So Much Hate With Interracial Relationships?
41 (M 11/26/18): Where Does “No Excuses” Fall In Respect to Interpersonal Relationships?

The Single Life converted to The Shuffle Around Life Scheduled
Final Chapter Chapter of TRP Single Life: Execution, Timing, and Luck; Same Woman 3x Dates (#11-#13)

*Episode Release Dates are Subject to Change