We’ve been doing a number of workcentric episodes so Andrey felt like it would be a good time to switch it back to talking about romantic relationships. Namely, he wanted to talk about double standards. There’s this article on lovepanky.com named “12 Double Standards in Relationships & Why They’re Toxic AF.” 12 is […]


In the previous discussion on Improve Yourself Before Dating (episode 11), Ryan mentioned The Bar of Standards; not the bar at The Standard Hotel.  Ryan thought this would be a great episode because everyone has this “bar” in reference to our partners and potential partners.  Meaning that everyone has their own criteria when choosing a […]

Ryan highlights the Five Stages of a Relationship by George Levinger. The TRP team reviews all these stages: Acquaintance, Build-up, Continuation, Deterioration, and Termination. John wants to put this in modern terms so he refers to these stages as “Eat and Greet, Second Entree, Autopilot, Ready to Bounce, and Ghosting.” Background on George Levinger: Pioneered […]