Does Society Today Take Freedom of Speech Too Far? – S3E56

Does Society Today Take Freedom Of Speech Too Far?

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Ryan considers me the comedic troll of the TRP trio. It’s all good and fun, but Ryan feels things can get awkward and out of hand at times. Hence, the many times he says “WOW.” In today’s episode, we talk about the impact of freedom of speech and how it elicits issues today. Ryan found an article from Polygon, Steam Game About Raping Women Will Test Valve’s Hand-Off Approach, about the stance PC Game Publisher Platform Stream maintains in regards to freedom of speech. This is the result of a game release called ‘Rape Day’ produced by Desk Lamp, which was being reviewed for distribution. Rape Day is a game where the gamer plays a rapist. Many media outlets and netizens have strong opinions on this game.

Does Society Today Take Freedom of Speech Too Far? Outline

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