Modern Morals, Would You Rather, Wedding Traditions – S3E67

Modern Morals, Would You Rather, Wedding Traditions

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Podcast episode 67 is titled Modern Morals, Would You Rather, Wedding Traditions. I discuss people’s view on morals today, Drey runs through some “Would You Rather …” relationship scenarios, and Ryan speaks on wedding traditions.

Modern Morals, Would You Rather, Wedding Traditions Outline

  • J Topic: Public Opinion on Morals Today
    • I was reading an article from the Pew Research Center on modern morals (A Barometer Of Modern Morals). Pew Research Center took a surveyed on 10 behaviors to determine if it was morally wrong. I will only focus on 3 of them.
    • Married people having an affair.
      • Morally wrong: 88%
      • Morally acceptable: 3%
      • Not a moral issue: 7%
      • Depends: 1%
      • Don’t know: 1%
      • Q1 Any surprises here?
      • Q2 Would these results differ if the person was separated?
    • Telling a lie to spare someone’s feelings
      • Morally wrong: 43%
      • Morally acceptable: 23%
      • Not a moral issue: 26%
      • Depends: 6%
      • Don’t know: 2%
      • Q1 Any surprises here?
      • Q2 Any scenarios that you think it would be morally acceptable to lie?
    • Sex between unmarried adults
      • Morally wrong: 35%
      • Morally acceptable: 22%
      • Not a moral issue: 37%
      • Depends: 2%
      • Don’t know: 4%
      • Q1 Any surprises here?
      • Q2 Does anybody really care anymore if people are unmarried and fornicating?
  • A Topic: Would You Rather …
    • Last weeks episode was dark so I thought we should do a fun and lighthearted one. When I’m drinking with my friends, we love playing “Would you rather…” It’s simply a game where you come up with a hard hypothetical decision and ask your friends what they would do in that situation. It’s not only a fun game, but you learn a lot about the people that you play with. You see how they think and what they prioritize. In the game, you have to choose 1 of the answers and give your explanation as to why you chose that way.
      • Would you rather …
        • Be in a bad relationship for the rest of your life, or never have another partner again for the rest of your life?
        • Have a jealous partner that is willing to be your complete sugar mama, or have a trusting partner that you share all responsibilities with 50/50?
        • Date attractive but stupid or unattractive but intelligent? By unattractive, I simply mean someone that you are 0% attracted to.
        • Find true love, or find a suitcase with $20M?
  • R Topic: A Variety of Wedding Traditions
    • For those of you who saw the IG stories, Kundai (friend of the Podcast and guest host on our Facebook Dating Episode) now getting ready to get married. Being the best man, I wanted to prepare and see if there were any wedding rituals people do today (besides the bachelor/bachelorette party of course covered in this episode) and here’s what I came up with.
    • What type of wedding traditions are important in your culture?
    • What’s the coolest (and/or weirdest) wedding tradition you’ve been apart of?
    • What’s one traditional wedding tradition you’d change?
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