In podcast episode 61, we continue our 3 Topics 1 Podcast format. John wants to discuss the future of love, Andrey revisits Ross & Rachel regarding the motivation to move for another partner, and Ryan reviews vulnerability. The Future Of Love, Moving For Love, Feeling Vulnerable Outline J Topic: Not Your Typical Love In […]


Ryan highlights the Five Stages of a Relationship by George Levinger. The TRP team reviews all these stages: Acquaintance, Build-up, Continuation, Deterioration, and Termination. John wants to put this in modern terms so he refers to these stages as “Eat and Greet, Second Entree, Autopilot, Ready to Bounce, and Ghosting.” Background on George Levinger: Pioneered […]

Episode 6 (Listen NOW!) – Cohesiveness allows for Healthy Dating Relationships according to Andrey… What is really at the core essence of this relationship trait? What keeps people together? By definition, it’s usually some sort of cohesiveness. However, every couple can have a different reason for staying together. Some people like being with uncanny versions […]

Episode 3 (Listen NOW!) – Andrey explores cultural barrier challenges of dating with TheRelationshiPodcast team.  We’re from California which is incredibly diverse. As a result, our collection of friendships and relationships are essentially a melting pot. This is especially true considering we’re Asian American ourselves. Now, most people don’t mind this for day to day […]