Have You Made Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions? Outline First things first, do you guys make resolutions for yourselves? If so, what are they? Do you generally include interpersonal relationships into your resolutions? Drey went through a few lists of typical relationship resolutions and found a few that they all had in common (Full list […]


       Ryan has a strong love and hate relationship with the phrase “No Excuses.” He strongly believes that most people have a difficult time complying with this mantra. Human beings are naturally selfish and sometimes need to excuse themselves because of shifting priorities in life. Some people (including my co-hosts) may disagree with me […]

     Listener Joe reached out to TheRelationshiPodcast and suggested we discuss the challenges of dating someone with a disability. By Joe’s own admission, he has a disability, and stated the difficulties he has in his current relationship. Specifically, Joe expressed the challenges he faces with his on and off, long-term, and long distance relationship. Those […]