Podcast episode 67 is titled Modern Morals, Would You Rather, Wedding Traditions. I discuss people’s view on morals today, Drey runs through some “Would You Rather …” relationship scenarios, and Ryan speaks on wedding traditions. Modern Morals, Would You Rather, Wedding Traditions Outline J Topic: Public Opinion on Morals Today I was reading an […]


     Podcast episode 66 is titled Understanding, Jealousy, Gaslighting. I debate if understanding is more important than communication, Andrey wants to get into a deeper depth on jealousy, and Ryan wants to explore gaslighting. Understanding, Jealousy, Gaslighting Outline J Topic: Is Understanding More Important Than Communication? I saw one of those social media posts the other […]

     Welcome to episode 62! In this episode, I focus on relationship age gaps, Andrey discusses an exclusive dating club. and Ryan explores weird (and/or creepy) career options. Relationship Age Gap, BeautifulPeople.com, Creepy Jobs Outline J Topic: Let’s Talk About The Relationship Age Gap Should age matter between 2 consenting adults? What about relationships between […]