About Us

Welcome to the official website of The Relationship Podcast! We are a group of 3 open-minded Asian-Americans who just want to share our personal experiences and opinions regarding relationships. Every week, you will be taken on a ride along the lives of our hosts Ryan, John, and Andrey as they step, stumble, and triumph through their personal relationships.

Our Hosts:


  • Has worked in a variety of industries, which allowed him at a young age to understand the importance of relationship building both in the personal (and professional) context
  • As part of The Relationship Podcast team, is a Partner/Co-Founder/Host along with the other two.
  • Ryan has known both John and Andrey, through different organizations and events over the years.
  • Status – Currently taken and learning to build a stronger relationship with his girlfriend everyday.


  • 40-something that came through the way of Taiwan, Texas, and California.
  • Spent most of his adolescent life in Southern California in the city of Hacienda Heights.
  • My super powers: (1) Comical relief, (2) great listener, (3) consuming all kind of foods underneath the sun (Fried Chicken is my favorite), (4) turning everything people say into a sexual innuendo.
  • As part of The Relationship Podcast Team, I am a Host contributor, court jester, and business partner.
  • Status – It’s complicated, but not married … yet.


  • Also known as Drey or DJ Indoe, Andrey was born and raised in Southern California by his parents of Indonesian descent. Andrey always had a love for sound and music. You could say it was his first relationship. Towards the end of high school and throughout his 20s, Andrey DJ’ed hundreds of gigs as both a mobile and resident DJ. His main format was 90s and underground Hip Hop until about 2013 when he retired from DJing professionally.
  • As part of The Relationship Podcast team, Andrey is the lead audio engineer as well as one of its hosts and partners.
  • Andrey has known Ryan since their days in University where Ryan would often perform at events while Andrey was the DJ.
  • Status – Married in 2018