Shuffle Around Life: Chapter 14 (Wildcard): The Best Man Speech and Reflection

What’s up Shuffle Around Life Readers!

This is a super late post but for good reason, a lot of what’s been going on this past week was tied to a great friend of mine Kundai and guest host of the podcast. I was asked to become the best man and like all best men before me, had to write a speech about why my best friend (and his now wife) are such an awesome duo.

So for those who weren’t in attendance but would like to get a hint as to what I wrote, here it is, please enjoy…




“8.2 Seconds *pause*, that’s how long it takes for a man to fall in love. Don’t Google it now (put your phones away), it’ll kill my speech and some of you will drunkenly berate me later for providing fake news. I’m just kidding.

However there is some ring of truth to that, when I first met Kundai it took 10 seconds before we offered each other a beer. Ever since then, many more drinks and discussions were had, all thanks to our adventures in life.

Kundai is quite the character, he is a contrarian and is self-proclaimed as ‘fly’ with his sense of style and knowledge of botany. He roams the earth to uncover the beautiful details of nature, even if it means going off the beaten path once in a while. Speaking of path, it wasn’t until one day he told me crossed paths with a lovely lady named Clarissa that his world started to slowly change.  Clarissa’s vibe totally complimented Kundai and in some cases amplified the love they shared with the world at large.

Both have confided to me, on separate occasions that one wouldn’t be able to live without the other. It was then, I knew that somehow this would evolve into a beautiful union of kindred spirits. Thank you Kundai for being an amazing friend (and brother) to me all these years. Clarissa, I am thrilled to consider you my newfound sister in in this journey we call life. I’d like to end this speech to a toast to everyone in attendance, the family and friends who are here with us far and wide. Bonds that are revisited and hopefully renewed, as Oscar Wilde once put:

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation. “

Btw, Kundai thanks for finally admitting that I am the best man!



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