Bad Girls, Relationship Myths, Friendship Spectrum – S3E65

Bad Girls, Relationship Myths, Friendship Spectrum

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Podcast episode 65 is titled Bad Girls, Relationship Myths, Friendship Spectrum. I want to discuss why some guys think bad girls are desirable, Andrey focuses on relationship myths, and Ryan explores the friendship spectrum.

Bad Girls, Relationship Myths, Friendship Spectrum Outline

  • J Topic: Why Do Men Pick The Bad Girls?
    • I was reading the article 11 Reasons Why Men Never Pick The Good Girl And Why They Should. We will not be covering all 11, but I wanted to focus on the 3 that I think are the main reasons men do this.
      • Men Conflate “Bad” With Sexy (#1)
        • In your experience, do you agree or disagree?
        • To flip it around, is this why women pick bad guys?
      • Bad Girls Are Usually Better In Bed (#3)
        • In your experience, do you agree or disagree?
        • To flip it around, is this why women pick bad guys?
      • Good Girls Can Come Off As Bland (#5)
        • In your experience, do you agree or disagree?
        • To flip it around, is this why women pick bad guys?
  • A Topic: Relationship Myths
    • In our previous discussions, we uncovered a number of relationship myths and touched upon this topic back in S2E19 when we talked about relationship cliches. So I wanted to keep it really simple for this week and discuss some of the ones we have not talked about yet. With the following “myths,” I want you guys to say whether or not you think it’s a myth or if it’s actually true and why.
      • If you’re truly happy with your partner, you should not need to be close to anyone else.
      • Jealousy is a sign of true love and caring.
      • If partners really love each other, they know each other’s needs and feelings.
      • Having a child will strengthen your relationship or marriage.
  • R Topic: The Spectrum of Friendships
    • We covered this topic in Episode 4 & Episode 31, think of this discussion as an added bonus.  Prior to the advent of technology (especially Social Media), friendship was a bit more linear. Now that we have the world at our fingertips, we have all kinds of friends (for all kinds of genders and lifestyles in between). Let’s talk about them and find out if we’re all on the same page!
      • According to Aristotle we have 3 types of friendships:
        • Utility – of need/activity
        • Pleasure – intimacy
        • Good – mutual admiration/respect
      • Which of these three do you have the most in your life right now?
          • Of the three, which do you think is the most important to have?
      • In 2015, Mobinah Ahmad from Sydney, Australia created the Friendship-Acquaintance 6 Stage Theory listed here. Do you agree with her theory, why or why not?
      • Many articles on the internet suggest that different types of friendships men have vs. what women have. Are there any key differences between gender?
        • How about the LGBTQ community, is this any different?
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