Shuffle Around Life: Chapter 11 (4, 10, 2) and Knowledge Part 4, Series Finale

What’s up Shuffle Around Life readers got a bit sick this weekend hence the delay of this article but let’s get into it!


Several things to reference before we get started:

For those who wanted to learn the origins of this series, I highly, HIGHLY suggest you start from the beginning when it was the TRP Single Life” with Part One listed here.

Second, if you enjoy the deviation of article series check out the Dating App Tip Series (DAT TRP) by starting here.

As mentioned in the previous article is the beginning of the Knowledge Series, we first start with the topic of “Knowing” and what it means to research and “Know” what to do next, if you want a recap, you can start here.


Think of every single thing in existence in this world, what do they all have in common? They all started from nothing and became something. Your favorite clothing brand, video game, food, and/or drink. Someone one day had the courage, audacity, and tenacity to build something from scratch. The world as they knew, was no longer acceptable and they wanted to make a difference. This isn’t anything new under the sun and if you’ve been keeping up with the world (and our podcasts episodes) we’re always one step closer to innovation. Working in technology and restaurants has always committed these types of values to me but there’s one element, that will always be a dream, that is mastery.

You see a lot of people have a strange relationship with mastery, in fact we prefaced this things in Season 2, Episode 35 we centered this discussion of perfection. It’s a balancing act for everyone involved and one notable figure Sushi Chef Jiro, embraces this constant struggle of perfection to achieve a new level in his art of sushi making. While it’s healthy to have ambitious goals, sometimes it can lead to unreasonable expectations.

“If you think about it, I don’t know anyone, (Absolutely anyone) who is perfect (and consistently perfect) every single day and in every single way. Do you?”

It’s insanity, to attempt to live that kind of lifestyle. And yet, lots of people it use it as a litmus to achieve what they want in their lifetimes. In the tech world, people use algorithms and data to figure out “proactively” what you want as an individual consumer (or technology buyer). But my argument is, if you didn’t have any data to begin with your vision of “proactive strategies” are futile. You need evidence of “reacting” to something before “proactively reacting” to something in the future. I speak on this diatribe because I hope more people who come from a similar background as I do, realize this in the long-run.

You see to me, the idea of mastery doesn’t fall in line with Jiro or the tech world’s unreasonable expectation (algorithmic 3.0 models defining human consumerism down to the a granular detail).

“Mastery is all about a reasonable pursuit of knowledge at a healthy pace.”

You can go on instagram and everyone who strives about business talks about “Hustle” and “Grind 5-10 years to enjoy the rest of your life.” Let’s be real here, not everyone will grind and everyone who’s been about the grind (has probably done more than 5-10 years to achieve financial freedom/success). The college admissions scandal by celebrities is a primary example, of why not everyone cannot achieve their lofty goals in the same amount of time…


The same people who got into these skills had the resources they needed to succeed. Which also means those of us who didn’t have those resources applying to universities, had to work 2x, 3x, or even 10x harder. You see, it’s all unreasonable but this is the reality of life, it isn’t fair and a lot of times it can be frustrating. This is why I propose mastery as pursuing knowledge at a healthy pace, your pace isn’t the same as mine and it can burn someone out. There are things, I know and understand more than you do (and vice-versa). Even at a time, where one can easily attain knowledge through the means of a simple google query. A lot of times, this knowledge isn’t always applicable and only has little to no impact.

I’ll use the cooking example again, for a lot of you cooking ravioli is pretty elementary. However for those who take it a step up a notch cooking pasta with an different identity (like a reverse ravioli; Liquid outside, solids inside) is an entirely abstract (or foreign) concept. At the moment, I do not work in the restaurant industry therefore having the knowledge of this recipe, is nice but unnecessary. It isn’t applicable to my current line of work (tech) and I’m not trying to make a new dish to get famous off of. For those that do work in the restaurant industry and are trying to make a name for themselves, this recipe (is one of many key) components as a new foundation of knowledge for modern gastronomy. This idea of mastery, can only be accomplished if you idea two key things:

  1. You know (deep down) what you’re truly good at and you want to strive at it
  2. You don’t mind dedicating a good amount of your time and energy, no matter what’s going on around you

When it comes to these two key traits, for myself that’s always been the struggle for me to discover for myself. I’m good at a lot of different things, but I’m not Michael Jordan status at one particular thing and I believe that’s what a lot of people find difficult in this journey of life. Some may find their “Natural strength” or ” God-gifted talent” easily, whereas others may take their whole lives. If you’re like me, just know you aren’t alone. Whatever the time you’ll take, just know that eventually you’ll understand what it is you’re meant to contribute to this world. Just like this woman who’s fully aware of her body….



Thanks for reading and next week we’ll return to some other updates in the pipeline. Cheers!



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