Shuffle Around Life: Chapter 9 (9, K, 2): Wedding Season and Knowledge Series Part 2

What’s up TRP Shuffle Around Gang!


A couple of things to reference before we get started:

For those who wanted to learn the origins of this series, I highly, HIGHLY suggest you start from the beginning when it was the TRP Single Life” with Part One listed here.

As mentioned in the previous article is the beginning of the Knowledge Series, we first start with the topic of “Knowing” and what it means to research and “Know” what to do next, if you want a recap, you can start here.

Alright, let’s talk about the part that means the most to people, the doing (or execution piece) of Knowledge. This is probably the second hardest thing, out of all the four components of acquiring knowledge. Why do I say the second hardest? Well, anyone, can “do” something about anything. For instance, I didn’t know how to cook, so what did I do to make it happen? Before working in restaurant I followed some recipes to a tee. Afterwards I was taught proper knife and resource management skills in the restaurant industry, finally I understood the difference between home cooking vs. restaurant quality food. As described there’s two ways of acquiring the baseline foundation “To-Do” something.

Let’s start with imitating those who are knowledgeable:

Everyone knows, Gordon Ramsay Right? (Masterchef, Michelin Star Renowned, Hardass of the 21st century).


One of the key things people say, when they look at a dish Gordon Ramsay prepares is, “I want to make that at home.” So they type on their browser, “Gordon Ramsay Recipes at home.” Review what’s available, pick what’s most appealing (and easy to prepare) and Voila, you learned your first Gordon Ramsay dish! Well the challenging piece with the imitation methodology is, cooking is a very universal skill (but approachable craft), you can make the argument to say it isn’t easy being a consistent “high-class chef” (trust me, I’ve been there personally, I understand the unhealthy and obsessive mentality of getting things right).

Whereas for something a little bit more technical like making a million dollars in a more unorthodox means (remember Flappy Bird?). You can try to imitate the people who set the tone for the type of product (or service) they provided to the world but chances are, you already missed the boat (or you’re one notch short of being another knockoff). In the world of Instagram, as a media/content creator, we often find ourselves imitating the same stuff other successful brands do:


  • Add 10-20 different high volume hashtags
    • #socialmedia #thisneedsmoreviews #bloggersaresemidead #imasocialmediainfluencer #ineedmorebitcoin #needsmoresex #lotsofviolence #memes #follow4follow #arewedoneyet
  • Bold keyworded text in quotes on a semi-transparent inspiration
  • Add “Explicit Language/Commentary/Clickbait” for them views.

Yet, it doesn’t sound right and our audiences aren’t always keen in what type of content we have to provide. This is where the journey (or at least IMHO) the best way of acquiring experience learning from trial and error. 

You see many people will make the argument that it’s costly to learn from trial and error but the problem with that mindset is, if you don’t give yourself room to make mistakes how do you learn and grow from it? In Silicon Valley, people talk on and on about ‘disruption,’ ‘innovation,’ and etc. The only way those particular technologies can thrive and exist is because the architects of that technology allow machines the capability to recognize patterns and, “LEARN FROM THEM.” I know it seems obvious right, and yet we as human beings aren’t given a fraction of a capacity to learn from our mistakes. We’re criticized, vilified, and ridiculed into oblivion when our intellectual prowess doesn’t extend to our physical projection of the world because apparently we’re supposed to be flawless human beings. Now that I’m older, I do my best not to give unsolicited advice but if it’s one gem of wisdom I can share with this new generation of “millennials, meme lords, and internet misfits” is to cut yourself some slack and realize this is the only way to grow.

When you continue to fail, even if it costs you your job, career, or even reputation amongst your peers, the period of self reflection allows you to look back on it all and ask yourself, “Was it really worth it?” I try my best to not only be honest with my flaws but my lack of execution there are times, I feel it will never be enough for some people. And that’s fine because the people that are here now, are the ones that I will remember when I am  at the top of my game.

Everyone may have standards but guess what, you need to have your own. So long as you did your best and didn’t hurt anyone else in the process. If it isn’t “top notch” or “well received” fuck em, because at the end you need to also learn from the process and give yourself some self love once in a while. If you don’t learn to love yourself then how can you learn to love others. While attending numerous weddings this year it’s always important to understand that at the end of the day, only when you realize you find love and solitude in your heart, can you find passion and conviction to move forward in your life (in all aspects).

To Be Continued…



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