Shuffle Around Life: Chapter 8 (9, K, 5), Juggling Interviews and Introducing the Knowledge Series Part 1

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So essentially I’m in that grind time mode of life. You know for those of you keeping track, once you start leveling up, you need to cover the essentials. Work, get paid, pay bills, and thrive off of the usual vacation. On top of all of this, sometimes you need to transition into interview grind (because you don’t want to make the same pay forever). If this is a topic you’re interested in, let me know and we can either make it an episode topic or a series here on the Shuffle Around Life. Anyway, job interviews are interesting for a number of reasons with the main one of course uncovering, “What’s really important to your potential new company?”

Everyone has a story of how they interviewed for their first job, momumental job/career role, and of course how they adjust themselves in the ebb and flow. One thing that’s for certain is it can get tiring (depending on the projects or tasks assigned to you at very short notice). That said, while all of that is going on, one thing I’ve always been passionate about is to share knowledge and the hierarchy for which is attained. This hierarchy in my prospective is broken down into four (and sometimes arguably six parts):

  1. Knowing/Researching
  2. Doing/Execution
  3. Refinement
  4. Mastery

We’re going to start with part 1 and begin extrapolating other parts piece by piece, so let’s get started!


This all started, when I began doing a deep dive on a lot of tools and pieces of technology I wasn’t familiar with. In vacuum, I wanted to simplify in bite size pieces how one would go about attaining a new skill set. When you first become familiar with a product or tool, you need to research and by research I mean read a ton (a shit ton). Going down the rabbit hole of discovery, you get a sense of what’s important, can you loop (or intertwine) said concepts and create what’s necessary at the present time? To use a personal example, one time I wanted to learn about paid social and this meant creating ads in various social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more). I began reading about all the pros and cons of each specific app and their “Best practices,” however one thing led to another and I understood the concepts, but realistically, that’s all I knew. Yeah, “knowing” doesn’t mean you actually can implement, execute, and measure a successful “XYZ” from end to end.


So this is where the old adage of having a ‘Thirst for Knowledge’ or ‘The best knowledge is experience.’ Most people have to reinforce the idea of a Fake It Till You Make it (FITYMI) but that can only get you so far in more technical roles and responsibilities later on down the road. It’s been a journey but I’ve been seeking a lot of mentors to help guide these next steps and a very motivating email from a very notable person in the field, encouraged me to keep going. So as the GI JOE would say…


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