TRP Podcast Review: Highs And Lows Of Previous Episodes – S3E46

TRP Podcast Review: Highs And Lows From Previous Episodes

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Welcome to 2019! In S3.E45, the TRP team discussed New Year’s resolutions. It seems appropriate in this episode we review our previous episodes. So today we are going to discuss the topics from Season 1 and 2. In each season, we will discuss our more most popular episode and also our least popular episode.

TRP Podcast Review: Highs And Lows Of Previous Episodes Outline

  • Rookie Season (Season 1)
    • S1.E3 Cultural Barrier Challenges of Dating
      • What are the issues when dating someone from another culture?
      • Do people feel pressure from outside forces to date their own? Family, friends, society.
      • Would you change your religion if it was a prerequisite to marriage?
    • S1.E9 Five Stages Of A Relationship By George Levinger
      • The Five Stages of a relationship
        • Acquaintance: You are just friends.
        • Build Up: Become friends that want to bang.
        • Continuation: Reached bf/gf status–banging exclusively.
        • Deterioration: Tired of banging your bf/gf.
        • Termination:  Relationship is over. You look for someone to bang you better
      • Why do you guys think this is our most popular episode?
      • What is your favorite stage?
  • Sophomore Season (Season 2)

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