How To Manage The Milestone Moments In Your Life? – S2E44

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The TRP Crew are within an age (maturity) range where important life decisions come into play. It is marriage for Andrey, career development for Ryan, and getting shitfaced before he becomes John50 for John. All jokes aside, today’s topic is to discuss milestone moments in one’s life and what is deemed “milestone” worthy per 33 Moments In Life That Are More Important Than You Think. While Buzzfeed lists 33 milestone moments, we’re going to cover a few in addition to some that may not be mentioned.

How To Manage The Milestone Moments In Your Life? Outline

  • What is your definition of a milestone moment?
    • Follow-up: Do milestone moments vary between Men and Women?
    • How about those in the LGBT community?
  • Describe your experience with these Buzzfeed milestone moments:
    • Opening your first paycheck
    • Falling in love for the first time
    • First success story at work
    • Experiencing a turning point in history
    • Serious adult conversation with your parents
  • What are your thoughts on these more modern/recent milestone experiences not mentioned in the Buzzfeed article?:
    • Man or Woman “coming out” (being gay)
    • First time you traveled alone
    • First (physical or emotional) fight you ever been in
    • Are there any other ones we didn’t mention?
  • Resource Reads:

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