Are You Annoyed With Relationship Double Standards? – S2E42

Are You Annoyed With Relationship Double Standards?


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We’ve been doing a number of workcentric episodes so Andrey felt like it would be a good time to switch it back to talking about romantic relationships. Namely, he wanted to talk about double standards. There’s this article on named “12 Double Standards in Relationships & Why They’re Toxic AF.” 12 is kind of a lot so let’s go with the ones that stand out the most and see how many we can get through.

Are You Annoyed With Relationship Double Standards? Outline

  • Making fun of clothing choices.
    • Typically speaking, women can make fun of men’s fashion choices, but it seems so faux pas for men to turn the tables.
  • Rules about who you can and can’t hang out with.
    • This one isn’t very gender or orientation specific. Sometimes partners are held to different standards when it comes to who they’re “allowed” to hang out with.
  • Initiating the first moves – or any moves.
    • This one goes back to our episode about dates vs meetups. It’s the archaic notion that men need to initiate any action in hetero relationships.
  • Not having sex when you don’t want to.
    • Seems like it’s more acceptable when women do this than when men do.
  • Being demanding and controlling.
    • It generally seems to be more socially okay for the woman or the wife to be the ultimate decision maker. If the man is, then he’s considering too controlling of a person.
  • Having someone else buy you drinks.
    • Once again, it seems to be more acceptable for a woman to accept drinks than it is for men to.
  • Seeing any movie she likes but she never sees his.
    • This could also refer to any social activity, whether it be conventions or shows. You often hear about husbands getting dragged places to where it’s a stereotype. This may or may not be true anymore, but I’m sure all of us have been in this situation.
  • There’s also another similar article written from a woman’s perspective. Given that we don’t have a woman on the show this week, it wouldn’t be fair to give our opinions on it, but if you want to read that side of it, be sure to check out the link in the copy. We may want to revisit this topic again.
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