Shuffle Around Life: Chapter 1, begin to re-shuffle priorities, 7-7-8

This series was meant to replace The Single Life column for two reasons:

  1. I’m not single anymore, so there’s no point in continuing forward.
  2. Neither John nor Andrey is single either and would have any relevance with maintaining such a column.


With this in mind the new setup and approach with this column is like a deck of cards sans Joker Card(s). I’ll shuffle around the deck and point out the highs, lows, and everything in between with regards to what’s going on in my life.. I’m toying with the idea if I should actually shuffle a deck of cards and see what is the top, bottom and middle card drawn from the deck. There’s 52 cards and 52 weeks, so maybe this can reflect every three weeks?

The cards in display are as follows:












Highs, 7 of Spades; Spades historically have been the suit to beat. The seven isn’t too high but it isn’t too low either. Ever since starting this podcast and having this escalated amount of responsibility it feels as though time has accelerated tremendously. Unlike many of my peers, within our age cohort most of us are (or at least presumably) ready to settle down and really get your shit together.

Lows, 8 of Clubs; The suit of clubs is an interesting bunch. This isn’t the king or a bottom card like the 2, however in my life at the moment, my energy feels very depleted. In reflection, as noted by many of my co-workers, it follows in a three of a kind. Someone’s getting engaged, married, or pregnant. In my life, someone has gotten engaged, invited me to my first baby shower, and has gotten married. Furthermore, it makes me wonder when the time comes to have a family of my own, will I ever be ready to step up and become a father?

In Between, 7 of Diamonds; If you played “Big two aka Pusoy Dos aka an Asian Gambling game,” my middle school self would be ecstatic when the suits are ordered (clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds). Perhaps I had it all wrong in that the correct suit priority was (Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, Spades)? One of the biggest skillsets to have in adulthood is shifting priorities, certain people, projects, and hours in the day will be allotted to take precedence over everything else. A year ago today, my life was extremely different. I had a more robust social life… A mid-size social circle, plenty of activities I participated in, and dating was like a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get.

Thanks for reading this very rough, first post but I’m still creatively figuring out how to present everything.



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