QFA: The Quest For Answers Featuring Dr. Events [P2]- S2E27

QFA - Quest For Answers ft. Dr. Events S2.Episode 27 P2

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Welcome to Part 2 of Quest for Answers featuring Dr. Events (Elaine). Elaine joins the TRP staff to continue our relationship talk. Elaine brought her own questions that she would like answered from the male perspective. If you guys missed Part 1, you should definitely listen to Part 1 prior to Part 2. To those that are jumping in now, here is a quick synopsis: It is fortunate we have Dr. Events, Elaine, to be our female panelist to represent her whole gender. I believe Elaine could provide great insight into this because (1) female perspective, (2) 20-something demographic, and (3) the industry that she works in. Elaine is an entrepreneur and wedding event planner so she must have a wealth of knowledge from working with partners as they work to their big day. Today, Dr. Events and the TRP will take the journey for our Quest For Answers.

QFA: Quest For Answers Featuring Dr. Events Outline

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