Do You Want To Know The Truth About Online Dating? – S2E25

Do You Want To Know The Truth About Online Dating



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Do You Want To Know The Truth About Online Dating? Ever since the TRP team started doing the podcast, Drey has always been the odd one out when it comes to experience(s) in the online dating realm. Ryan and John have tried to keep him up to speed on this new age of dating and it made him even more curious. Drey did some research into the subject to better familiarize himself for future episodes. What he found after just a cursory amount of research was interesting to say the least. Basically, all dating sites are just winging it. It isn’t quite a scam, but it can be perceived as riding the line on being misleading.

Do You Want To Know The Truth About Online Dating? Outline

  • eHarmony
    • Online dating algorithm is a sliding scale that makes your answers irrelevant.
    • eHarmony wants people to date outside of their dating bubble.
    • Do you feel this practice is ingenious or misleading? Why?
  • OkCupid
    • Experimenting on users, such as giving false positive matches amongst other things.
    • Christian Rudder, founder of OkCupid, was quoted “OkCupid doesn’t really know what it’s doing.”
    • Do the ends justify the means? Why or why not?
  • Tinder
    • 2015 Tinder promoted an updated algorithm that would give you better matches.
    • Investigation found that the “dating algorithms” is barely better than matching people at random.
    • Its found that many important relationship metrics cannot be quantified; so personality is the leading metric.
    • Studies show personalities only accounts for 0.5% of happiness.
  • Does this change your view on dating sites?
  • Should dating sites be more transparent in their algorithms or intentions?
  • Does it actually matter? As long as people are meeting each other, do you feel like the service is working as it should?
  • Is it ethically sound to experiment on your users?
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