1.12 The Don’t Suck At Life: Should I Tattoo My Partner On My Body?

Should I Tattoo My Partner On My Body

It is quite acceptable now for people to have tattoos on themselves these days. Everybody does it to signify people, events, where they came from, etc; basically, whatever they hold dear to themselves. People in relationships also put their significant partners on their body as well. It’s a huge mistake for several reasons.

Average Partners – It seems these days that people fall in and out of relationships quickly. So, if you are one to add partners to your body, then it would make a lovely memorial for your ex’s.  According to Here’s The Average Number Of Sexual Partners A Person Has In A Lifetime, people in the US has an average of 7.2 sexual partners in their lifetime (article posted in Aug 2017). I am assuming here that people in sexual relationships are in relationships and it’s not a hit-it-quit-it scenario. So, it is possible you will have 7 individual names on your body by the time you find The One. Keep in mind that this is JUST an average so that 7.2 number could be lower or HIGHER.

The Awkwardness – You are really into this woman or man and it has gotten far enough into the relationship that you get to bone. Intimacy is about to happen, and you notice a face or name that he or she has never spoken about. The mental focus shifts from sex to “WTF is that?” In When Your Partner Has a Tattoo of Their Ex, “The internet is filled with forums and columns where advice-seekers need backup on this issue: Am I supposed to care about this dude’s tattoo of his baby mama? Is he supposed to fix it out of respect to us? Or is it no big deal? The letters are strikingly identical, give or take a few details.” There definitely will be a lot of questions once the tattoo(s) are discovered. Now imagine the scenario if there are 7.2 names found. There is going to be a lot of explaining to do here *Ricky Ricardo voice*

Not Commitment of Love – You may think that getting your partner tattooed on yourself is a sign of commitment or love; it’s not. By adding it to your body, it is a reminder of your partner, but it does not guarantee the relationship will be forever. In Reasons to Not Get Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend’s Name or Initials Tattooed on Your Body, the article states “Tattoo is not a special sign of love, anyone can get it. Real commitment shows in everyday behavior, not in a small patch of ink. A tattoo may be permanent, but it is not a written contract binding you both in a relationship forever.” I think the best points to digest is that “Real commitment shows in everyday behavior …” and “… but it is not a written contract binding you both in a relationship forever.”

The Cost of Lover’s Past – Getting a tattoo is not an inexpensive venture; it takes your time, some pain, and the cost of getting it done. Removing tattoos is just as expensive as getting them. According to CostHealthHelper, “Laser tattoo removal, which is the most common method, and usually the best, ranges from $200 to $500 per session. Because it can take from five to twenty sessions to remove a tattoo, the total cost could reach $10,000.” If you are doing this multiple times for different partners, the cost adds up to a small fortune.

As you can tell, you know where I stand on getting tattoos of my partners. Just don’t do it!! The cons outweigh the pros. I can understand that most people do it as a sign of commitment/love. However, I feel that a better sign of commitment/love is putting energy in the relationship—doing things for you partner. Sure, the tattoo is a symbol of your affection, but I think your partner would prefer to hear you say “I love you and I am committed to you” throughout your relationship. Ink is just ink until you put actions to show your love and commitment to the other person. A tattoo isn’t going to put in the work for the relationship to work.

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