1.06 The Don’t Suck At Life: Love Your Family

Remember to always love your family. My aunt passed away on Thursday, March 12, 2018. She was laid to rest on Wednesday, March 18, 2018. Auntie Wang is survived by her son and daughter.

As a child, I had fond memories of her and my cousin visiting us in the states. I remember taking road trips together; showing them the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas back in the 80’s. Auntie Wang was my mom’s oldest sister and she was always kind and nice to me as a child. My mom would tell me stories of how Auntie Wang would babysit me when I was a little.

Auntie Wang was my only connection to the country that I was born in. I remember in the early 2000s my dad took me back because I have never gone back since I was born. My dad had to run errands so her and I spent some time together. Auntie Wang wanted to show me around town and it was the greatest adventures of my life.

Mopeds – If none of you are familiar with Taiwan, they have a lot of mopeds. When she told me to hop on, I had deep reservations. All I can think is “Auntie is +60 years old and how is she going to safely drive me around … in THAT.” I can tell you it was the best time of my life. It was a thrill zipping around busy streets while dodging buses, cars, and other moped drivers. It’s a memory that I can see and feel to this day.

Street Food – Like most Asian relatives, you know how much they want to push food on you. Auntie Wang was no different. She constantly asked me what I wanted to eat. I always tried to stay polite and not state what I wanted because I didn’t want to be a hassle. So finally, I gave in. I requested fried pork cutlet and beef jerky. Auntie Wang brought back 2 HUGE fried pork cutlets and whole variety of jerky. Oh man, they were so good too! The jerky was bomb too and I left Taiwan with all of it in my stomach.

Restroom Break – Auntie Wang and I had been out for 4 to 5 hours. I needed to use the restroom. Unfortunately, public restrooms are not widely. She pointed just pointed me to a random door. I went upstairs and it was a drinking house with tons of women. OMG, they do exist!! I asked one of the pretty waitresses in my broken Taiwanese where the bathroom was. When I walked out of the building, I was a little sad that I could not stay longer. Thanks for the tease, Auntie.

When someone passes, you always wish you could of spent more time with them. I wish I wasn’t so selfish living my life; now she is gone.

Where am I going with this? I think I wrote this because it helps me grieve. The more important thing is to never forget the family that loves you and have been there for you from day 1. We all get busy with whatever is happening in our lives that we sometimes take family for granted. If any of you are fortunate to have extended family, make sure you tell them you love them as often as you can. Because sadly, you might not get a chance again.

Your sparkle will never fade. We’ll always think of you as you shine bright in the night sky. Love you always, Auntie.

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