Annoying Women: The 15 Things Men Say To Do So – S2E10

Men are truly from Mars and Women are from Venus. We speak different languages at times along with distinguishable personality traits. One of the biggest traits that men possess is the ability to annoy women. I, John, proudly wear my badge with dignity; though my girlfriend would roll her eyes. In today’s episode, TRP focuses on John Rampton’s “15 Things Men Say That Get on Women’s Nerves” which was published by Entrepreneur. The TRP discusses if we are guilty of using these terms and we try to find a better way to less annoy our counterparts.

Annoying Women: The 15 Things Men Say To Do So Outline

  • The TRP will discuss (1) Guilty of using such term? and (2) How do we improve on our responses?
  • The Terms:
    • 01 “Calm down.”
    • 02 “You look really tired today.”
    • 03 “What is it now?”
    • 04 “Wow! You look great. How much weight have you lost?”
    • 05 “You ate that whole thing?”
    • 06 “Moist.”
    • 07 “You should smile more often.”
    • 08 “That’s not very ladylike.”
    • 09 “You look great for your age.”
    • 10 “Actually, that’s not a word” or “Actually, that’s not how that’s done.”
    • 11 “Listen.”
    • 12 “That’s a man’s job, let me do that.”
    • 13 “At least I never___.”
    • 14 “Why do you always do that?”
    • 15 “Whatever”
  • Did we miss any?
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