The Challenging Dating Landscape of Today – S2E9

In a lot of our episodes, Ryan and John always bring up online dating and new terminology that I’ve never even heard of.  As someone who hasn’t dated anyone new since the advent of the iPhone, I want to know the current landscape of the dating scene. I’m sure we have a decent amount of listeners who are like me as well so why don’t we go over it?

The Challenging Dating Landscape of Today Outline

  • So what is dating like today?
    • Online dating – how does it work?
    • Chronology for different apps
    • Do people still call each other and talk?
  • Do people still ask to be significant others? How do you establish Facebook official? Do you think it’s necessary?
  • So we went over ghosting, but the last time we were together I believe we learned about “stacking.” What is it and have you guys ever done it?
  • What is cushioning?
  • Breadcrumbing?
  • Faux Bae?
  • With all this said, do you guys believe that traditional dating is basically dead unless you lived through it?

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