1.04 The Don’t Suck at Life: Where Should We Eat?

I personally am not picky at what and where I eat at. There is always something on the menu that I can consume and be content with. However, the female gender is a finicky creature. “Most” women consider themselves to be “foodies” [*eye roll*] aka food snobs. Don’t hate because you know it’s true. The XX gender believe they have a more refined palate and they must make the dining experience exquisite but very Instagram worthy as well.

So guys I’m here to provide you pro tips on how to make the choice of a restaurant as less excruciating as possible. Everyone knows when your significant other tells you she is hungry and the dreaded “Where should we eat?” comes up. Depending on how “refined” your babe is the process of choosing a place to dine can be quick or lead to white boarding the choices with Pros and Cons. Hopefully, my tips can help the process become more efficient and lead to eating.

Let’s not get it twisted. The choice will NOT be YOURS, guys. Women always win out in the end.

Dining Emergency List – If you have ever been in a relationship, the “Where should we eat?” always comes up.  So like an earthquake, you must be prepared. You will need to have 6 places pre-selected in your memory banks. If you bookmark them on Yelp that will help tremendously. Plus, when she sees you looking on your phone it gives the impression you are trying. You should always have 3 places where YOU enjoy eating at. You will also need to have 3 places SHE enjoys eating at.

The First Response – This is a VERY critical moment. Your first answer as well as your nonverbal cues matter.  (1) As soon as she asks, you MUST reply immediately, (2) Look her dead in the eyes, (3) Say with confidence, “WE are going to Popeye’s Chicken for some bomb fried chicken, honey cakes” [Obviously, you insert one of the 6 memorized places you chose], (4) DON’T YOU DARE BREAK EYE CONTACT till she says “Yes.” It is important to note point (3) when I emphasized “WE are going …” You are taking charge of the situation and have made a executive decision; some women like their men to handle it. Now if you had given an answer as a question (ie. Can we go to Popeye’s Chicken?) then you are giving her an option to say “Yes” or “No.” By making the choice for her, you are taking the “No” option out.

The Counter Proposal – If she says okay from the The First Response, you are golden. More often than not, there will be a counter offer. If she does not like your first choice (or the other 5), the memory banks will be going into overdrive in her head. She will likely counter with another restaurant option. If she provides an alternative restaurant then you have reached the finish line. Restaurant picked and it’s time to shovel food down your throat.  Gooooaaaaaaaaaalllll!!

In my relationship experience, this can be applicable to business as well, when you quickly put an option on the table; people are more likely to take quicker actions on it. By submitting a solution, it forces the other party to decide to (1) go along with it or (2) come up with a solution of their own. The quicker you initiate action, the quicker the ball gets rolling. You are welcome.

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