Relationships with…Series: Art and the Creative Process with Reibot – S2E8

Raymond aka Reibot
“To be honest I am no body special. I’m the few that choose to pursue what I love, which is painting & photography. Hope you enjoy my creative work and gain something from it.” –Reibot

Raymond aka Reibot Art (IG: R3ib0t) is a creative artist through and through, from battling against (and along side) his crew Squishy Docious (Facebook, Twitter) in the art of Bboying  to his current medium using acrylic paint, aerosol sprays, and origami paper. His consciousness breaks through multiple creative boundaries. Currently he is an exhibitor through the Artscape Riverside Council for the Spring-Summer 2018.

Art and the Creative Process with Reibot Outline

  • What is your definition of art?
  • What inspired you into creating this type of art and how?
  • Currently as an artist your forced to tread the fine line between passion and profit, how do you maintain a healthy balance?
  • What relationships in your life inspire you to create on this type of canvas?
    • Do you feel it’s necessary to have a substance or remain sober as a creative artist?
    • In a monogamous relationship, do you feel one of you has to have a stable income/lifestyle or can both individuals in the relationship pursuit artistic endeavors without conflict of interests?

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