1.03 The Don’t Suck at Life: Who Am I to Talk About Anything?

So if you guys have not figured it out yet; I am one of the hosts of TheRelationshiPodcast.  I’m the one that typically has not much to add, but to crack crude jokes.  I even bet that most of you think that I suck.  After you read some of my columns, the thought of “Who the hell is he to lecture me on my life?” probably has come up.  I would agree with you.  This has always been an constant internal struggle while I’ve been working in this space.  So let me take a moment to keep it real.

Am I a subject matter expert? – Absolutely NOT!  This is the number 1 question my friend’s ask me when I tell them I’m doing a relationship podcast.  I am not credentialed or hold a doctorate to specialize in psychology or relationships; but you’ve probably figured that out already.  The only subject matter that I am an 100% expert in is in myself and my thoughts  Okay, that was being generous, I am probably 75% expert in myself; I’m still learning and am not afraid to admit that I don’t know everything.

What’s with all the crude shenanigans? – This is my distracting mechanism (friends call me JLewd for that reason).  Shit, I don’t have anything to add so I’ll just reach far in the darkest and filthiest place in my mind and shock and awe them.  Instant laughs ensue and everybody forgets what we were suppose to talk about.  Depth is not what I’m known for and my brain is just not wired that way.  Once in awhile, I’ll have a insightful nugget that I pulled out of my ass.  However, that is far and between.

I am not good at podcasting – Yeah, I pretty much think I suck at it; public speaking is not my forte.  In terms of clearly stating ideas, I come dead last out of the 3 of us.  In fact, I cringe when I have to listen to myself when Andrey completes the final cut (Shoutout to Andrey for making me sound semi-listenable).  My sole role on here is for entertainment.  I feel that I do much better in my columns than on the podcast itself.  Its probably because I have more time to think it out.  Feel free to send me harsh comments–therelationshipodcast@gmail.com.  I have thick skin so I bet I’ll have a good laugh (but cry on the inside).  Just kidding, bitches!

Why the FUCK do I listen to you then? – As you can tell from the above, I am a shitty salesman.  That’s actually a good thing because I don’t want to tell you what you want to hear to get your buy in.  In order to connect or have a relationship with people, they have to TRUST you.  The easiest way is to be the honest version of yourself; flaws and all.  I am not one to bullshit about things because I don’t want anyone to bullshit with me (The Golden Shit Rule).  I think and say what I mean; that is what most of my friends appreciate about me.

In the end, I’m working on not sucking at life too.  I have vulnerable flaws, but I try to keep a positive attitude and find ways to improve myself to better serve other people.  How you hear me on the podcast and what you read on this column is 100% ME.  I hope you come back because of that.  Just know that I will always try to give you answers that are honest and truthful from my own perspective.  If I am ever wrong about something or you think I’m off the boat, call me out on it–therelationshipodcast@gmail.com (Subject: Hey, Asshole!!).  I would love to hear your side of the story #DontBeSalty.

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