Technology: Changing the Dynamics of Relationships – S2E7

Technology has reached miraculous milestones since I was growing up.  It definitely has made strides in making our lives easier for work and entertainment purposes.  Though there are many pluses of what technology has done for the world, does it come with a cost?  In today’s episode, Technology: Changing the Dynamics of Relationships, TRP explores if technology changes the dynamics of relationships.

Technology: Changing the Dynamics of Relationships Outline

  • Is technology helping people develop better relationships?
  • Technology has made it easier to meet people, but are the connections and relationships better?
  • Since it is easier to connect to people now, do you feel like people do not take dating as serious now?
  • I’ve noticed more often that people are glued to their phones in social settings (couples as well).  Do you think this is good for society?  Or does it hamper their social development?
  • Video Gamers: Spending so much time Computer or Video gaming, have you guys ever had your dates or significant others complain that you are gaming too much?  Was gaming hurting your personal relationships?

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