The Single Life: Dates 5 & 6: Same Woman: Cheesy Flower Bowl Antics

1st Date Leftovers…

Cheesy and wine glasses, almost a month back in to the dating game and I’m getting sick of the stuffiness. At this point, nothing should surprise me and my expectations were slowly dwindling. This lovely lady is a software engineer but we didn’t have an exciting conversation the first time we chatted via dating app. However somehow we managed to meet up for a drinks and by some weird coincidence she was fine with the same place, I’ve met someone else at before (not intentional but it worked out that way). I was running a bit late because I had to work Overtime and I was nearly exhausted by the time I got to the date spot.

So I can’t believe, I got a flower bowl just to drink soup and everything spills over.

The place was blasting with music and all I saw was a woman with long hair, a peach dress and a quiet demeanor. I thought to myself, “This date is probably gonna get awkward, real quick.” I introduced myself and we gave each other an awkward handshake/hug (I didn’t know what she was trying to go for). As we sat down we ordered a few orders, one of them being a couple of toasted burrata pieces and our drinks. Within 30 minutes it went down with the cliche order of operations…


Me: So, how was your day?
Her: Good, not too much work and you? *eats quietly*
Me: It was exhausting but I’m glad it was over, how do you like burrata?
Her: Good, not bad at all. *sips quietly*
Me: …Ok, do you like your wine?
Her: It’s ok, I just ordered it because I couldn’t decide… *continues to sip quietly*


I was ready to throw in the towel. She then exclaimed, “I would talk more but it’s so loud so I’m afraid you can’t hear me.” I told her, “Wanna leave early and try for round two, given the circumstances?” During this time she explained about friends visiting, her work, and her limited time. I was for certain this was it but then she replied, “Yes, that would be great. I’ll let you know when I’m free next week.”

I covered the tab and then escorted her to her Uber. Gave her a proper hug and she went on her way, Date 1 was over.


Next week arrived and we were planning for Date 2, a quieter and more intimate venue. They didn’t have reservations but it ended up being a walk-in spot. She got there earlier than I did because it was the weekend and she just finished shopping with her friends. We ordered a few flights of wine and over the course of the evening the alcohol caught up to us, we became a bit more flirty with a bit more exchanges across the table.  Afterwards a bit more banter came out and she mentioned her bad choices of kitchenware. A flower, that forces extra liquids to spillover, that’s quite the highlight of the night. The corny conversation was lighthearted and fun, something I don’t really experience too often with these dates. During the last flight of wine, we looked at each other and I told her, “I would be right back as I whispered in her ear, she turned towards me and made out with me for a bit.”

I thought to myself, “Is this really happening right now? Is the alcohol, the only reason why she is really into me at the moment?” I couldn’t tell but after some back and forth, she was ready to go home. This self proclaimed ‘high tolerance lady’ was ready to hit the hay. We strolled through downtown and made out a bit more one another, she randomly blurted in a slurred speech, “You know I should hire you for a party sometime, you know quite a bit about food and drink.” I gave her this weird glance given the random response out of the blue. It was odd of her to say such a thing during our second date, as if I was some rogue bartender/chef for hire.

As we got into the car, we were trying to iron out plans for a second date. She mentioned, about all the things we could do and she’ll “get back to me” once her schedule was clear. At that point, I was too skeptical, to believe something would come out of it. I think a sober thought entered my mind, given my current run of experience that this was all a temporary fantasy. After dropping her home and going about the week, I didn’t hear from her until the day before our potential third date. She rescinded her original “3rd date proposal,” felt it was better to “stay friends and didn’t feel the chemistry.” I was confused and somewhat shocked but I politely declined and wandered into a bar later that night. As I sat there with a scotch in hand, I realized, all you gotta do is move on. So with one shot and more messages flowing, it was onto the next one…

According to my peers one would argue that I suck at life. Some would maybe say it’s “bad timing” or someone called ‘dibs’ before I even had a chance. Either way, this is all a journey for me, so let’s keep it moving.


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