Customer Service is Building Relationships – S2E6

Every time there is any sort of customer service related interaction; a relationship is formed.  This relationship is invested to certain degrees.  We have relationships with our family, friends, significant others, acquaintances, etc.  Most of us would agree that we hold a higher priority for the relationships we have with those that we have known for awhile and have a deeper history with.  In this episode, Ryan wants to explore the Customer Service industry.  Believe it or not, Customer Service revolves around relationships; connecting with the customer to provide them with solutions to their problems.

Customer Service is Building Relationships Outline

  • How do you define customer service?
  • Have you (or still) currently working in this industry?
  • Do you have a bad customer service experience you’d like to share?
  • Do you have a good customer service experience you’d like to share?
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    • Tagine Beverly Hills.  Chef Ben will make any occasion delicious and memorable.
  • Do you feel there’s a difference in within specific industries?
  • Have you ever dated anyone in customer service? If so, how was that like?

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