Brothers Before Babes (Bros before hoes) – S2E4

Brothers before babes?  AKA Bros before hoes.  Male friends have an unwritten law that brothers should always come before women that you are “dating.”  This is simply because most of our friends have been there for you in good times and bad.  We [Men] supported you when times got bad and you were at your lowest moment.  In the dating world, it is fairly certain that the person you date won’t always lead to a 2nd date or a relationship; they come and go for whatever reason.  In this episode, we analyze the relationships that men have with each other.  Do you guys honor the brothers before babes code?

Brothers Before Babes (Bros before hoes) Outline

  • What is your own personal definition of brothers before babes?
  • Have you ever had a friend break this code?
  • Have you ever broken this code?
  • Do you believe women have a similar code?
  • Which sex do you think breaks the code more often?
  • Would dating partners understand if you prioritize your friends before them?
  • How do you guys balance it all?

Check out the “Wikipedia” that Andrey created regarding this topic.

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