Ambiguity in a relationship, do you navigate the fog or abandon all hope? – S2E3

Everyone has a different perception of the same horizon...

Ambiguity creates tension and fear when viewing your relationship in the horizon...

Relationship Ambiguity, is it reasonable or unreasonable to stay in these weird medium phases of any relationship? For some, the ambiguous grey area defines comfort but for others it can also signal rocky challenges ahead. The TRP Team takes a grand look at this gradient and uncovers what’s important to them.

Ambiguity In a Relationship Outline

  • What is your definition of relationship ambiguity?
  • Different types of Relationship Ambiguity:
    • Friend/Sibling-zoned (Mention Episode 4, Between acquaintances, sometimes no intimacy), catalyzed this episode.
    • Casual/Open Relationship(s) (Between strangers/acquaintances, sometimes intimacy and multiple parties involved; Love Triangles, Squares, Quadrilaterals, etc.)
    • Domestic Partnership Sans Marriage Ceremony: (Steady Relationship, Monagamous or Polyamorous)
    • Fringe-  Post Partnership Crossroads, no legal or religious union (relationship on the rocks, dispersement of property, unnatural estrangement: ghosting or abandonment)
    • Fringe – Post Partnership Crossroads, legal and/or religious union (relationship on the rocks, child(ren) custody/support, dispersement of property, unnatural estrangement: ghosting or abandonment)
  • Are there any methods to avoiding any of these in the short-term or long-term?
  • How does this tie to previous episodes?

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