Single Guy Column: Date #2, The C.V. Personality, Plain Vanilla.

You ever met someone who had almost everything you wanted in a person?

As a single guy (or single lady if you’re reading this), we meet these people every so often. The feeling of, “They’re almost prince/princess charming but I just can’t figure out why I’m not feeling anything…”

Well, this date in particular was one of those dates for me. The back story on this one was we matched through one of the apps and exchange conversation. In a week’s span, there was a long absence until we finalized plans to meet in person. Based on the photos and what she shared about herself via dating profile, she seemed like a decent catch.

Pearly white teeth, in great shape, and well traveled (like everyone of my cohort). It was at this moment I thought I hit the jackpot. After handling some stuff at home, I got showered, dressed, and ready to meet this person. When I walked inside of the bar and sitting by the crackling fireplace I decided to use that as a preview to this particular article. It was a late night but she finally arrived and she looked a lot better in person. I greeted her and nudged her towards the bar.

A thought sprang into my head, “Oh baby, you hit the jackpot.” I still couldn’t believe she was here, the dimples gently dug into her porcelain cheeks which met with her wide smile. Her eyes were round and the make up was minimal, we got our two drinks and headed to a booth on the other end of the bar.

Shortly thereafter our conversation continued but it didn’t feel too much like a “interrogation” (ok this is good I thought). As she quietly sipped her drink, she asked about my industry and why I was involved with it. She then shared her background of the VC world, this wasn’t the first time meeting someone from that space. For me it felt strange, looking back at other people I’ve dated from a similar background she seemed a bit more reserved than the others. After a while, there was something else that began to bother me… I started getting bored when she replied in this manner…

Me: So do you have any hobbies?
CV: Oh, I just do most things once and that’s it.
Me: I see, and what kind of music do you like?
CV: Um, don’t know just whatever… DJ Kaskade?
Me: Ah ok…

It was at that point I realized, this Plain Jane doesn’t quite do it for me. Sure if we were intimate and gotten cozy in bed, would I have changed my mind? Momentarily, only to realize the only connection I had with her was a fleeting moment between the sheets. However as this fantasy played out, I realized we were both losing interest. I then asked for the check and walked her to the car and wished her good night.

As I walked back to mine, I was reminded no matter how good looking (and great on paper) a potential mate is, if there’s no connection then there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t force a successful relationship and lust can only get you insofar into someone’s world until your shut out completely.



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