InFatChewAsian: Rice-ism and the Feasts – Appetizer 2

Sugar and Spice make everything nice, especially with rice. In this case a bit of chicken works too...







Rice-ism, our familiarity (and consumption) of a beloved staple, today’s InFatChewAsian episode gets down to the nitty gritty when it comes to this ingredient.  Many different cultures use Rice for ceremonial purposes and other times it’s a necessity when using thrice the rice (Sake, Sushi, and Rice Vinegar).  Listen into this episode to hear more about this staple and what makes it so important in the food and drink community!

Rice-ism and the Feasts Outline

    • Interesting RICE-ist FACTS.
    • What rice dishes or products do you enjoy on the regular?
    • Any rice preferences that you have?
    • Rating for the type of rice?
      • Jasmine: J (1), A (1), R (0.5) = 2.5 stars
      • Basmati: J (1), A (0.5), R (0.5) = 2 stars
      • Long Grain (White): J (0), A (0), R (0.5) = 0.5 stars
      • Arborio (Short grain): J (1), A (1), R (0.5) = 2.5 stars
      • Brown Rice (Bran): J (1), A (0.5), R (0) = 1.5 stars

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Our Rating Scale: Each of us have a star that we can apply to our episode’s central theme.  With a maximum of 3-stars that can be earned at the most.

  • 1 Star = Our Favorite.  Always consistent and willing to go back for seconds or thirds.
  • 0.5 Star = Somewhat inconsistent and on the fence with the quality.
  • 0 Star = Forget about it. We don’t even want to go back or resample anything.

Listen to the previous episode of this mini-series if you have not already.  Start from Episode 1 LISTEN NOW.

This is the NON-Rice-ist Disclaimer: ‘We at InFatChewAsian do not discriminate based on race, sex, sexual orientation, income level, political affiliate, religion, creed, or choice of grains. You eat what you like. These opinions are solely based on our own dining experiences; our palates are not the rule. We are always open to EVERYONE’S personal rice consumption habits. At the end of the day, we can always agree to not eat out of the same rice cooker. Please enjoy the fresh hot rice.”


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