Sex Debate: Morning, Night, Anytime? – S1E13

Sex Debate: Morning, Night, Anytime?



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Men and women have sex (Yaaaass, please!!).  Men and Men have sex (Is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me?).  Women and Women have sex (Meeoow).  The greatest part of being human is to have SEX, especially if you are in a loving and committed relationship.  Well, it occasionally occurs when you are not in love and/or committed as well.  However, is there a time of day that you prefer to have sex?  Most of the time the TRP Team agree on things, but it seems we differ in when we like to bump uglies.  Therefore, this episode is the great 2017 Sex Debate: Morning, Night, Anytime?  This topic “came” about from Debatable on Buzzfeed “Morning Sex Vs. Night Sex.”  You can watch it HERE.

Sex Debate: Morning, Night, Anytime? Outline

  • Who initiates more sex regardless of the hour, Men or Women?
    • Why?
  • Morning Sex:
    • What are the Pros?
    • What are the Cons?
  • Night Sex:
    • What are the Pros?
    • What are the Cons?
  • Doesn’t matter (Anytime and/or surprise) had Sex:
    • What are the Pros?
    • What are the Cons?

Intro and Outro music from The PassionHiFi.
Scratching done by DJ Indoe (Drey).

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Episode 12 (Recap) –The Bar of Standards.  Check it out here.

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This the NON-SALTY Disclaimer: ‘We at The Relationship Podcast do not discriminate based on race, sex, sexual orientation, income level, political affiliate, religion, or creed. These opinions are solely based on our own unique experiences; our opinions are not the rule. We are always open to EVERYONE’S personal life experiences and opinions. At the end of the day, we can always agree to disagree. Please enjoy the podcast.”


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