Dating Alpha Women – S1E10

Dating Alpha Women

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We dive into dating alpha women.  Ryan and I had a brief conversation about potential collaborations.  He mentioned a trio of woman that had a podcast–ABG Podcast, which is a trio of women.  At first I thought ABG was short for Asian Baby Girls (which made me less interested), but it was Asian Boss Girls instead (which drew me back in).  I thought about it and contrasted how much different women TODAY are compared to women 40 years ago.  Today there are a lot more opportunities for women than before.  Women today are much more highly educated, hold more powerful positions in business, they are in all industries that were previously dominated by men, have a lot of expendable income, and they just have the power of freedom to do whatever they want.  Lets go!!

Dating Alpha Women Outline

  • What is your definition of an Alpha Woman?
  • Have you ever dated an Alpha Woman?
  • Generally speaking, do you think it is difficult for men (or women) to date a strong, independent woman?
  • Do you think it is harder for Alpha Woman to find partners?
  • What qualities does a man (or woman) need to date an Alpha Woman?
  • What kind of men (or women) have a tendency to prefer a Alpha Woman?
  • Discussion Reference: How To Date An Alpha Female by Madeline Haller. Read here.

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Scratching done by DJ Indoe (Drey).

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