Cohesiveness allows for Healthy Dating Relationships- Dating- S1E6

Cohesiveness is important in all healthy relationships, even in festivals like these that celebrate corgi cohesiveness at SF's Corgi Con 2017.Episode 6 (Listen NOW!) – Cohesiveness allows for Healthy Dating Relationships according to Andrey… What is really at the core essence of this relationship trait?

What keeps people together? By definition, it’s usually some sort of cohesiveness. However, every couple can have a different reason for staying together. Some people like being with uncanny versions of themselves. Some people are nothing alike, but that’s what they love about each other. Also, it could just be about the sex. Let’s be real, everybody knows at least one couple that they think is just in it for the sex. The question is, is there anything really wrong with that?

As Andrey mentioned previously in Episode 5, he and his fiancee have absolutely nothing in common. So what does he think his secret is? Is it opposites attract? Or rather is there something underlying that’s the source? As he tries to unpack his own conclusions on the matter, John and Ryan chime in with theirs. Tune in to find out how we dissect the issue of cohesiveness.

Cohesiveness Outline

  • Is it maintaining a healthy sexual relationship?
  • Common ground vs Complimentary traits

Intro and Outro music from The PassionHiFi.
Scratching done by DJ Indoe (Drey).

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Episode 5 (Recap) – John goes in deep with The Relationship Podcast about Deal Breakers.  Check it out here.

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