Deal Breakers Discussion, do you have any serious ones? – Dating – S1E5

Dating contains many deal breakers and sometimes those barriers can be difficult (or easy) to overcome depending on the situation
Episode 5 (Listen NOW!) – John goes in deep with TheRelationshiPodcast about Deal Breakers.

Probably everyone has experienced this: TFW (that feel when) you start to catch feelings for someone, then you notice one thing that won’t stop bothering you. That’s the short term version of what a deal breaker is. Sometimes there are just some things that we can’t get over. As a result, all of us usually have at least 1 deal breaker.

In this episode, we talk about how we’ve dealt with deal breakers in our relationships, regardless of whether we’re on the giving or receiving end. As Ryan and Andrey point out, being Asian American sometimes has it’s own challenges in this department. Also, there’s not that much discrepancy between men and women when it comes to this.

Deal Breakers Outline

  • Do you guys have any deal breakers that is not listed in Katherine’s list?
  • Have you ever been the exception to someone’s deal breaker?
  • And MORE!
  • Discussion Reference: “The Top 10 Relationship Deal Breakers, According to Science” by Katherine Schreiber on  Read here.

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Scratching done by DJ Indoe (Drey).

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Episode 4 (Recap) – Ryan begins the discussion of The Friend Zone.  Check it out here.

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