Friend (Ship) Defined vs. Friend (Zone) Entered – Dating – S1E4

Difference between Friendship vs. Friend Zone areas, are similar to these neighborhood watch signs, you never know what you'll get yourself into...
Episode 4 (Listen NOW!) – Ryan distinguishes between friendship vs. the friend zone.

“I like you like my brother.” We collectively hate that sentence. That short sentence is enough to send many men into a drinking binge. It’s the last thing you want to hear when you put yourself out there. It’s the essence of the friend zone.

So, what is the friend zone? Moreover, what are friends? We talk about our own definitions and how our life experiences contributed to these definitions. In addition, we try to dissect why we think the friend zone exists. By the way, John claims he’s never been in the friend zone. Also, Drey’s experience might shed some light for both men and women. After stepping back a bit and seeing the experiential evidence as a whole, the answers you might be seeking might be a lot more simplistic than you think. Find out how in today’s episode.

Friend Zone Outline

  • What’s your definition of friendship?
  • How do you define the Friend Zone?
  • Have you friend zoned anybody?
  • Discussion Reference: TechCrunch on Patook App. Read more about it here.

Intro and Outro music from The PassionHiFi.
Scratching done by DJ Indoe (Drey).

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Episode 3 (Recap) – Andrey explores cultural barriers in dating with The Relationship Podcast team.  Check it out here.

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