Cultural Barrier Challenges of Dating; Owning Your Happiness – S1E3

A Cultural Barrier surrounds us each time we encounter a new relationship, similar to the corns on the cob who are prevented from falling to the ground.
Episode 3 (Listen NOW!) – Andrey explores cultural barrier challenges of dating with TheRelationshiPodcast team. 

We’re from California which is incredibly diverse. As a result, our collection of friendships and relationships are essentially a melting pot. This is especially true considering we’re Asian American ourselves. Now, most people don’t mind this for day to day life, but what about relationships? It’s important to ask because these are people that you choose to spend your time with. What are some cultural barriers you may encounter? What are some benefits to embracing other cultures?

Thus, today we all talk about our own experiences in this melting pot. Fortunately, it seems like all 3 of us have had at least some experience dating outside their own culture. Andrey has literally never dated women within his own culture which makes his experience especially relevant to the topic (which is why he picked it). A relationship that’s full of cultural norms is apparently not his style. That’s not to say that John and Ryan’s experience are any less interesting, to say the least. Tune in to find out how the cultural barrier impacted our lives.

Cultural Barrier Outline

  • Have you dated anyone of a different culture than yourself?
  • What did you do to reconcile those issues if you did?
  • And MORE!

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Scratching done by DJ Indoe (Drey).

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Episode 2 (Recap) – John dives into a discussion on personal strategies in attracting someone.  Check it out here.

This is the NON-SALTY Disclaimer: ‘We at The Relationship Podcast do not discriminate based on race, sex, sexual orientation, income level, political affiliate, religion, or creed. These opinions are solely based on our own unique experiences; our opinions are not the rule. We are always open to EVERYONE’S personal life experiences and opinions. At the end of the day, we can always agree to disagree. Please enjoy the podcast.”


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